Iqra Educare aims to provide holistic care for each individual and a high standard of education for the tamariki/children of the community, based on Islamic beliefs and values. We encourage every child to develop knowledge of the wider world, self-help skills and positive dispositions.

We believe it is the right of every child to be part of a school community that respects him/her as a competent individual who is viewed as a contributor to the process of learning. Children, family and teachers co-construct learning experiences in a creative environment through observations, planning and exploration.

We base our philosophy on the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Statement – Te Whāriki, aspects of the Reggio Emilia philosophy and the Islamic values. All three elements hold a powerful image of, and deep respect for, the culture of childhood. The Centre acknowledges Māori as Tāngata Whenua and the Treaty of Waitangi. Iqra Educare provides challenging resources and equipment that promote learning, respect and self-esteem in a safe and age-appropriate setting intended to extend and delight the tamariki.

At Iqra Educare, we hold the image of the child who is: valued; rich in potential; ‘competent and confident’; connected to adults and his/her peers; driven by curiosity and imagination; capable of, and delights in, taking responsibility for his/her own learning; listened to and listens. Our programmes encourage relevant adult participation because we recognise that an effective alliance between children and the adults in their lives helps them realise their God-given potential.

Iqra Educare values each child’s family and cultural background and strives to develop ‘responsive, reciprocal relationships’ with family/whānau and community by including them in regular reviews of centre policy and procedures. Iqra Educare endeavours to provide an environment that fosters warm relationships, where children and their families enjoy a sense of security and belonging.